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Attract Abundance Now Training

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It's Time to Talk Abundance...

Abundance means to be in prosperity; to have increase, plenty, excess, overflow, more than enough.

What Does Abundance Mean to You?

Perhaps you are tired of never having enough, struggling to make ends meet, or only having just enough to get by day-to-day, and you desire to have amazing abundance in your overall lifestyle regarding wealth, health, relationships, style, and more so you can add value that will benefit the lives of others while experiencing greater fulfillment and a better quality of life for yourself in return. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind...

  • To attract, receive, and maintain abundance is relatively simple.
  • To attract, receive, and maintain abundance is realistically attainable.
  • To attract, receive, and maintain abundance will require you to do things in a certain way. 

Get Ready to Attract Abundance Now


Meditation Warm Up Session

Before exercising the steps in the session below, let's first establish an important factor.

Everything is made up of energy, including attracting abundance. 

The vibration of the energy you emit, will determine the measure of abundance you attract. In order to emit positive vibrating energy to attract abundance, you must be excited about what you desire. 

Find a quiet space. Sit up straight in a chair with your feet on the floor and body fully relaxed. (Note: you can also do this meditation exercise daily while in bed, just before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up the next day, by lying on your back with your body straight.) With your eyes closed, inhale and breathe in pleasant, positive energy through your nose, then exhale and breathe out unwanted negative energy through your mouth. Repeat the process two more times. 

Concentrate on the abundance you desire to attract. Imagine the experience of you enjoying that which you desire in detail, as if you have already received. Take note of the vibration of energy excitement emitting all over every fiber of your being -- from the hairs on your head and skin, to every organ, cell and bone in your body. Imagine the smells, tastes, textures and colors of that which you visualize experiencing or having. 

When you can fully visualize the details of what you desire vividly and specifically as if it is happening to and for you in this very moment, while also feeling a quickening vibration of energy excitement all over your body and from within, this is an indication that you have started the process to attract abundance now. 

Completing the next steps in the session below will position you to be ready receive and maintain the abundance you have attracted that is on its way to you.

 Training Session

Step 1

Watch Attract Abundance Now Video

In this 5 minute video introduction, you will learn the initial key factor that prevents many people from attracting abundance.

Step 2

Listen to Attract Abundance Now Audio

In this 35 minute audio lesson, you will learn 6 "Straight A" principles that will empower you to manifest daily abundance in your life.

Download MP3

Step 3

Complete Attract Abundance Now Worksheet

This worksheet includes daily empowerment exercises to help you implement the 6 "Straight A" principles into your everyday lifestyle so you can attract abundance consistently. 

Download PDF

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