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3 Principles To

Dare To Outdo Yourself

In Life

By Ronda Phillips I Dare to Outdo Yourself!

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CHALLENGE Yourself to:


Did you ever play the game Truth or Dare growing up? To refresh your memory about how the game is played, someone will ask a player to decide truth or dare. If the player decides truth, they will be asked a question and must answer truthfully. If the player decides dare, they must do as instructed and take the dare. Whether playing one-on-one with another player or in a group, the object of the game is to compete and show victory by being one who is willing to risk telling the truth or risk taking a dare to do the unknown -- to outdo or be better than anyone else who is a part of the game regardless of the consequences.

So during a game of Truth or Dare, when a player decides truth, oftentimes it is because they believe they have nothing to hide, have no shame in telling the truth or deduce by reasoning that taking a dare to do the unknown may be far riskier than simply telling the truth, especially if it's believed the truth will come out eventually. For example, a player in the game may risk telling the truth about having a crush on a special someone, whereby both people are single and available, without knowing if the feeling is mutual.

On the other hand, when a player decides dare, oftentimes it is because they may have something to hide and would prefer not to tell the truth and risk certain information to be exposed about themselves or someone else they care about, or perhaps they may enjoy being spontaneous and the center of attention. For example, a player may choose to take on a dare and ingest a harmful fluid in order to impress and appear invincible. Ultimately, the player in the game who is calling the shots may feel like they are in control of the player who has to decide truth or dare at that given time. The player who decides truth or dare may feel vulnerable in the moment -- first, to choose truth or dare -- then to act on the truth or dare they have chosen.

Ironically, playing the game Truth or Dare is very much like what most of us have experienced or are currently going through in real life.

Many of us have gone through life competing with others, whereby we have been compared to others by others, and we have compared ourselves with others; placing us in a position to try to outdo or out shine the next person by following in someone else's footsteps rather than our own in order to become accepted and approved. As a result, we may go along with what others tell us we should or should not do, when to do, or how we should do certain things according to someone else's standard or measure of us. For example, an associate may discourage a fellow colleague from applying for a new position, promotion or meeting with a potential client, insisting they wouldn't want the added responsibility. While all along, that discouraging associate may actually be going after that same position, promotion or client, and doesn't want any competition. 

We may eventually limit, hinder, or delay our own accomplishments in life, often giving up before we begin, or by giving in and throwing in the towel, oftentimes just before our "big break" comes through. This is usually the case when we act in our own effort and become hasty, anxious and impatient, or we may become paralyzed with fear, self-doubt and unbelief, thereby making matters more difficult than we otherwise should and missing out on the right opportunities that can be beneficial for our lives.

What does it mean to dare? 

By definition, dare means to have the courage to do something; defy or challenge (someone) to do something; a challenge, especially to prove courage. 

Dare also means to take a risk, which can be a good thing when viewed from a certain perspective...

When you choose to dare to outdo yourself, you compete with no one else other than yourself. You have the opportunity to take on favorable risks in life that will not jeopardize your well-being or best interests -- or that of the lives of others.

Wouldn't it be awesome to be in a position to win the battles within your mind whenever you are dealing with an actual truth or dare in your life? Wouldn't it be amazing to take favorable risks and dare to outdo yourself at any given time; to position yourself to be fully equipped to be, do and have the absolute best that is available for you in order to fulfill your destiny and purpose in life, and have the abundant lifestyle you desire?

Here are 3 principles to implement daily that can empower you to dare to outdo yourself in life:


Take appropriate measures to plan ahead. Make the decision to become available to be utilized for the purpose of adding value to the lives of others. Even if others question your efforts to step outside the box to take on a challenge and do something they may be unwilling to do, have no fear. 

Have courage and make a conscious decision to be prepared to persevere regardless of what others may think or say about you. Perhaps you have a desire to further your education, write a book, audition for a major role, pursue a new career or start a business. 

List and prioritize in detail all of the steps you believe you must take right now in order to help prepare you to accomplish an important vision that has been birthed in your heart. Prepare and position yourself to be ready for the right connections, right opportunities and right resources that can empower you to accomplish and fulfill your life's endeavors. 


Take appropriate right action to move ahead. Utilize your knowledge, talent, and skills, and trust that you will be empowered to carry on any task at hand. Be reminded of the times when you were equipped with the ability to successfully overcome challenges in the past. Have the confidence to be assured that you can be empowered to perform successfully and overcome again through the lessons you've learned from your experiences. 

Trust yourself to do the right thing. Set a goal, and list in detail how you believe you must perform the task at hand in order to fulfill your vision or endeavor. Be specific and set deadlines for completing what you set out to do. Take necessary action steps and follow through accordingly. Discipline yourself to have the ability to overcome any distractions that may in any way hinder your progress to move forward in life.


Take appropriate steps to continue the course. Consistently follow through with the process of completing necessary action steps along the way in order to successfully accomplish that which you have set out to do without having any loose ends or unfinished business. 

However, do not become comfortable and complacent by basking in your own glory of accomplishments when you have made it through one hurdle. Rather, keep your guard up at all times and continue to persist, to press forward onto the next level or phase (and the next) of completing your course until the very end when it is finished. Repeat the process for all of the endeavors you set out to pursue. 

List in detail what you believe you will need to give up or do more of so you may persist in the right efforts continually and consistently in order to fulfill your vision. Desire to have the wisdom that will enable you to follow through with your life's endeavors successfully and completely to the end.


Perhaps you may have taken on many "dares" throughout the course of your life by giving in to forms of deception, manipulation and control from others that were envious, jealous or intimidated by your past efforts and newly discovered potential, using cunning and clever maneuvers to try to control you. As a result, you may have been fooled into doing things you would later regret in life, like partaking in all sorts of unhealthy vices and habits that would minimize and devalue your self-worth, self-respect and reputation.

Perhaps you tried to fill an empty void in your life and longed for approval, acceptance and companionship, or looked for an easy way out or way of escape from a challenge that somehow continued to chase you down until you had the courage to stare it boldly in the face.

Instead of taking on a "dare" that may cause you to give in to forms of behavior that may breed shame, embarrassment, and disrespect toward yourself and others, choose to take on a "dare" that will challenge you to add value and quality to the lives of others without bringing harm to yourself or anyone else in the process.

To think about taking on a "dare" to outdo yourself can seem challenging in an of itself. And yes, going through the actual process to "dare" to outdo yourself may be challenging at times. However, when you know and believe the legitimate risks involved are worth taking, the end result of your efforts and achievements can be so fruitful and rewarding. 

Choosing to dare to outdo yourself is about competing with yourself only, to have the courage to be better than you were before. Choose to dare to outdo yourself and have eagerness and excitement about taking advantage of opportunities that will allow you to take on legitimate favorable risks that can enable you to add value to the lives of others, and allow you to have a better quality of life in return.

Be reminded to implement these 3 principles or core values daily that can empower you dare to outdo yourself in life:

1. Preparation

2. Performance

3. Persistence

You will be empowered to dare to outdo yourself in life, and have the abundant lifestyle you desire.

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To Your Empowerment!

Known for her creative style, positive influence and straightforward professionalism, Ronda Phillips is a certified life coach,author, speaker, television host, style expert and entrepreneur. Her core mission is to empower and challenge individuals to become propelled to take charge of their life through preparation, performance and persistence. Ronda is the founder of Dare to Outdo Yourself!

Prepare. Perform. Persist.

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