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3 Key Points On

How To Embrace Change

By Ronda Phillips I Dare to Outdo Yourself!

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From the moment of conception, every single thing in life and on this planet has experienced change. People change. Circumstances change. Everything seen or unseen is a form of energy, which will eventually change.  

Perhaps you can recall experiencing growth spurts throughout various phases of your childhood, adolescence, and teen years. Remember when your clothes and shoes began to have a rather tight fit, and in some cases busting loose at the seams? Your growth spurts were an indication that your body was changing. As your body changed, you had to wear clothes and shoes that would fit you better at every new stage of growth. And eventually during each new growth stage, you embraced change.

As an adult, can you imagine walking around still wearing what you outgrew years ago, and busting loose at the seams even more, looking like a version of Incredible Hulk? More than likely this would be a rather ridiculous looking sight, not to mention how uncomfortable you would feel. 

Unfortunately though, many people go through life still clinging to that which they've outgrown, including unhealthy habits, home environment, stagnant job and toxic people. However, because they have become comfortable with being uncomfortable, they have made that which they have outgrown to become their daily normal -- with little to no ambition or desire to embrace changes around them in order to make changes for themselves, in exchange for "super-sizing" their life so they can have a more fulfilling lifestyle better suited for them. 

So, what does change mean?

Change is defined as, make or become different; take or use another instead of; to make a material difference so that the thing is distinctly different from what it was.

To embrace change means to support that which is made or has become different, in an effort to improve, become or make yourself better in the midst of change.

It is much easier to embrace changes that make life easier or better for us. However, change that takes us out of our comfort zone can be unsettling or unpleasant, which can be difficult to embrace. 

When we are unable to embrace change, we can remain glued to the past or where we currently are -- as if we are stuck in a time warp -- unable to accept reality for what it is -- that change is constantly taking place all around us -- yet with no vision to make positive change(s) in order to embrace change itself. 

Perhaps you find it difficult to embrace change in almost all areas of your life. Or, perhaps you have difficulty embracing change in a specific area of your life, and have come to the conclusion this is unhealthy for you, which may be preventing you from having the lifestyle you desire.

Here are 3 key points that can help you learn how to embrace change:


Ready or not, change will come in life -- birth of a newborn child -- marriage or divorce -- personal injury, illness or disease -- death of a loved one -- growing population -- shift in the economy -- environmental and climate changes -- technology and innovation -- and everything else in-between. Change is constant, never ending. 

As times change, people that are most comfortable or complacent about how things are, can be the most stubborn about embracing change, often because they are set in their ways. For some, it may be comfortable to continue with the same routine or habits day after day because their perception is that it's easier to do so, without contemplating any possibility of change that may impact or affect their way of lifestyle or being. Therefore, embracing change may be difficult to do.

For example, suppose you work at a job or have a career that provides you with a comfortable lifestyle and enables you to pay the bills. However, what if the company you work for were to shut down and you are told that your services are no longer needed, or that the company will undergo a restructure, whereby you would be demoted and stripped of your title and position, with considerably less pay. Would you be totally caught off guard and unprepared to handle the news of the change, or would you be able to embrace change?

Since it is a given that change is inevitable, there's no need to react and fly off the handle by doing something wrong that you may regret later on, or to choose not to budge by being stubborn and doing nothing at all to change your circumstance for the better. Instead of being passive, have an enthusiastic willingness to be prepared to go with the flow of life. Be willing to grow and learn new things to improve yourself. While everything around you and in life is changing, don't remain stuck. Keep moving forward by staying physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally fit, so you can adapt and position yourself to embrace change. Although some unpleasant surprises or changes can be avoided, there may be some you'll have to deal with directly. Watch. Listen. Have a keen sense of awareness of what is happening around you in the present moment. Take proactive, inspired action to do something -- the right thing -- that will enable you to embrace change.


When you become aware that a shift is taking place that will result in change for yourself and/or others, begin to assess how all will be affected or impacted.

For example, suppose you were devastated to discover that your job or career is about to be demoted or come to an end, and that you have nothing else to fall back on -- meaning that you have no "Plan B." You may have to consider the option of remaining at your current job in a demoted position doing menial tasks or working longer hours. If there is no possible future for you to remain at your current job, you will have to find another job with a new company. You may consider job relocation out of town or out of state. You may have to consider downsizing your lifestyle.

Or, perhaps, you have been saving and investing your money wisely over the years. You may be confident that you can more than adequately take care of your overall financial responsibilities for at least a year or more. Instead of thinking that your life is doomed, you may consider that the change in your job or career status could be a blessing in disguise. When you can see the possibilities of furthering your education, gaining more credentials or that starting your own company may be the next best move for you, choosing to embrace change will be easy to do.

Because of change, nothing is permanent in life -- nothing. Do your research. Ask questions. Take notes. Make a list indicating possible scenarios of how change will affect the masses of all involved, both positively and negatively. Consider reasonable options so you can avoid "putting all your eggs in one basket" when it comes down to planning for the safety and security of your future. Determine what varying factors will bring about certain consequences, so you will know what you may ultimately have to deal with in order to be prepared and equipped to embrace change.


Oftentimes when we hear of news that change is about to happen, we may complain about the impact or affect that change may bring about for ourselves. However, on the other end of the spectrum, we may discover there are others experiencing dilemmas that could use our attention to solve their problem(s). Whenever a pleasant or unpleasant change takes place, be bold enough to seize the moment whenever an opportunity presents itself.

For example, suppose after learning that your job or career has taken a dive, you get invited to attend a social function. You show up [reluctantly] and get introduced to an associate who works for a company facing a specific challenge that you happen to be skilled or knowledgeable in. As you listen to all of the concerns, you speak up and share how you can provide a solution to their problem. A meeting gets scheduled for you to give a presentation at a later date in front of the company's appointed staff accordingly. You make quite an impression, the company makes you a generous offer to come on board, and you accept. More rightful opportunities later come your way. Your expertise and hard work over the years has eventually paid off on your behalf in ways far greater than what you could have ever imagined. You graciously embrace change.

Listen to what others say about problems, pain points or changes that are disrupting or inconveniencing their lives in some way, either personally, professionally or both. Take inventory of all your resources -- including your available funds, time, tools, abilities, skills, knowledge and connections. Take initiative to start a business or an organization by creating and selling products and services you can offer as a means to add value to others so they can have a better quality of life. Tap into your ability to provide solutions to problems that can help you and others embrace change.


It can be difficult to embrace change, often because there is fear of the unknown. You may not understand what is about to happen or what may be happening to you or around you in the moment.

Be reminded of these 3 key points to help you learn how to embrace change:

1. Know that change is inevitable

2. Weigh the possible pros and cons of change

3. Utilize change to create solutions to problems

When you take proactive, inspired action to be and do your absolute best, you will find it much easier to embrace change and can have the abundant lifestyle you desire.

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To Your Empowerment!

Known for her creative style, positive influence and straightforward professionalism, Ronda Phillips is a certified life coach,author, speaker, television host, style expert and entrepreneur. Her core mission is to empower and challenge individuals to become propelled to take charge of their life through preparation, performance and persistence. Ronda is the founder of Dare to Outdo Yourself!

Prepare. Perform. Persist.

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