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3 Tips On

How To Make Good Choices

In Life

By Ronda Phillips I Dare to Outdo Yourself!

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When it comes to making good choices, would you say that you are always on top of your A-game?

Imagine standing in line at a store checkout behind a parent with a child sitting in a shopping cart who notices a brightly wrapped candy bar or bag of candy, and the child begs the parent to buy the treat, however the parent says, "No, you don't need it." Imagine the child continuing to beg for the treat, as the parent ignores their request while casually checking out store items at the register. And lo and behold, imagine the child bursting out in tears, kicking and screaming in demand, "I have to have it because I've never tried that before!"

Choices. Choices. So many choices.

Like a kid in a candy store, all too often, we make certain choices in life based upon what we may want in the moment...we want what we want, and we want it now.

We may often choose to eat yet another chewy gooey tasty dessert that will pack on the pounds, rather than reaching for the healthy fruit or salad staring us straight in the face every time we open the fridge. 

We may often choose to shop 'til we drop, buying yet one more irresistible item, adding to a collection of many things we already have, yet we really don't need.

Many of us may find ourselves in what would be considered compromising situations at times, insisting we didn't have a choice other than to follow through with a particular action. 

Even when we say we will not choose one thing over another, we are still making a choice to remain neutral.

Choice is defined as, an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities; the right or ability to make, or possibility of making, such a selection; a range of possibilities from which one or more may be selected.

Sometimes we may find it difficult to choose between saying yes and no.

Sometimes we may find ourselves choosing what will give us short-term gratification, rather than making a responsible choice, and the consequences can be devastating.

Sometimes we may find ourselves making a choice by believing we are doing it for the right reason, however we end up doing the wrong thing.

Sometimes we may have to choose between being at one of two places at the same time.

Sometimes we may feel like we are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to making good choices.

If you often beat yourself up mentally or emotionally, riddled with guilt or shame because you feel you make bad choices more so than good ones, even if the choices you initially made seemed to be good ones at the time yet eventually backfired on you somehow, and now you desire to have a greater sense of peace about making better choices...the right choices...good choices -- choices that will yield positive and lasting results for the greater good of yourself and all involved, there is a process you can implement into your life daily.

Here are 3 valuable tips to remember that can help you make good choices in life:


It is so enticing to want to give in to making choices that will compromise our morals and integrity for material or monetary gain. We may become desperate and give in to forms illegal action without weighing the consequences of getting caught. For example, if you were financially burdened, in debt, struggling to make ends meet and trying to survive, and someone introduced you to a way to make some quick cash even though it may not be "legit", would you succumb to making a choice to give in? Even if you thought you could easily get by without being caught, your moral conscious may wrestle with a bit unrest. 

Think of the most vivid time when you may have been placed in an uncomfortable position to make a choice that would have compromised your morals and integrity concerning material or monetary gain, and how you and others would be affected. Remember that some attractive opportunities can be deceiving on the outside, and once you're inside, you may find it to be too difficult to get out. Be discerning and ask questions that can lead you to have a better understanding about what you may choose to do in order to determine if the choice you make will be in your legitimate best interest and also that of others, and if the rewards will far out weigh any consequences you may face. 


Are you willing to be patient and make the right choices to follow through with fulfilling your life's purpose -or- do just the opposite because you would prefer to take the easy way out and remain comfortable and complacent with where you are? 

For example, perhaps you have talents or skills that others have strongly taken note of in your field or profession, and you are being offered opportunities to take on new projects or more clients that can legitimately elevate your career. However, more work and time may be required on your part. Perhaps you have gotten set with a daily routine that works for you and you don't see the need to work longer hours. Perhaps you are okay with your current income, and don't see the need to utilize your talents or skills in a legitimate way that can increase your income and change your lifestyle for the better. 

Many times, making the right choice may mean doing something you really don’t want to do because it may seem too difficult, too inconvenient, or less glamorous than what you desire. In the end, making the right choice will bring about a greater sense of fulfillment, and can equip and empower you with more knowledge and experience, build your character, and mature you spiritually and mentally.

When was the most recent event that you can recall when you had a choice between taking on a new opportunity that is in sync with fulfilling your life's purpose, or doing the same old thing the same old way as you have for so long that would leave you remaining stagnant? Remember that making a choice to do the right thing may seem unpleasant in the beginning, however if you believe that making this choice is legitimately the right thing -- the best thing -- it can be rewarding and fulfilling in the end.


When you make good moral choices, you will often have less drama in your life, the kind of drama that usually brings about confusion, chaos and destruction, especially when it comes to making decisions involving relationships with others. 

For example, perhaps you may feel you are in an unhappy marriage or committed relationship. Perhaps you feel your spouse or partner is too difficult to communicate with or too obnoxious to live with. Perhaps you feel your partner is too needy and is a burden to you, and you have remained in the relationship out of obligation. Perhaps you believe that everything wrong about your relationship is only your partner's fault, without taking the time to consider if you have contributed in any way to the unhealthy state that your relationship has grown into. 

You may have thoughts about ending the relationship, that your life could be better with someone else. Perhaps you have met someone else outside of your existing relationship, believing this is the person you are destined to be with. You may end up having an emotional or physical affair, mistaking lust for love with this newfound person you have chosen to get involved with. Perhaps, you have gotten caught up in the whirlwind excitement of being with someone else because it is forbidden. Perhaps you have found yourself undermining and lying to your spouse or partner, with little to no concern about how they may be affected or impacted by what you chose to act upon, only to get caught eventually. 

The same amount of time, effort, resources and finances that you choose to invest into someone new can be easily and continually invested into an existing marriage or relationship with your spouse or partner, and the long-term results can be so phenomenal; especially when both parties involved choose to genuinely produce good efforts to work things through. 

Can you recall a time when you made a choice to get involved in a questionable relationship that caused unnecessary chaos and drama in your life, and how it affected your existing relationship at that time? Remember that even when we think we are keeping secrets from those we supposedly love, the truth will become exposed eventually.

Make good choices when it comes to how well you get to know someone before you choose to get involved in a serious relationship. Choosing to commit to someone through marriage should not be taken lightly, for in doing so can eventually cause heartache, anguish and turmoil later on. Choose to be honest with yourself as to whether or not you are ready to be in a relationship with anyone before getting into one.

Making good choices to love, honor, respect and invest in your existing relationships with others can have quality, beneficial and lasting long-term results. Choose to do a self-analysis -- search from within and begin to make necessary individual changes to improve yourself in order to sustain a relationship that can be healthy, lasting and loving with someone else.


Making good choices may not mean doing the most exciting things all of the time. Making good choices may seem boring at the moment. Making good choices oftentimes means giving up instant selfish gratification that can lead to negative consequences. Making good choices can be difficult at times. However, making good choices will not make you feel guilty, coerced or manipulated. 

Making good choices is about being responsible, and sometimes having to be patient throughout the process. Making good choices can provide an unexplainable settling of joy, calm and peace from within. Whenever you have to make any choice, weigh all options and consider the risks involved. 

Be reminded of these 3 valuable tips that can help you make good choices in life:

1. Be cautious about making choices that may seem too good to resist

2. Making right choices are sometimes difficult

3. Making good choices have positive long-term results 

As you make good choices in life, you will notice more favorable changes that will lead you to having the abundant lifestyle you desire. 

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To Your Empowerment!

Known for her creative style, positive influence and straightforward professionalism, Ronda Phillips is a certified life coach,author, speaker, television host, style expert and entrepreneur. Her core mission is to empower and challenge individuals to become propelled to take charge of their life through preparation, performance and persistence. Ronda is the founder of Dare to Outdo Yourself!

Prepare. Perform. Persist.

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