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Total Abundance VIP:

Rapid Weekend

Special Event

3-Day Weekend Online Program

Group Coaching Sessions

Available For Entrepreneurs

Get The Results You Need. Fast.

Enjoy The Lifestyle You Desire.

Dear Entrepreneur,

Do you have a desire to achieve greater success, but you seem to be at a standstill about what you should do, or what direction you should take in order to have a more well-rounded, abundant lifestyle? 

If so...


If You Could Be Immersed In

Total Abundance

To Be, Do & Have

Your Absolute Best

In All Areas Of Your Life

Entrepreneur and Certified Coach Ronda Phillips is available to provide helpful guidance that will bring about self awareness so you can discover and decide for yourself what you really desire, what you believe you should do, and what direction you believe you should take in all areas of your life -- including wealth, health, relationships, and style. 

Additionally, Coach Ronda can provide you with comprehensive "how to" core strategies, insightful tips, and key principles to implement into your daily life that will challenge and empower you to take immediate action, stay on course, follow through, and manifest greater life changing results so you can have total abundance!

What Are People Saying?...

"Awesome Information. Thanks"

Lee D.


Tres P.

"...I just had to reach out to let you know

how you've been blessing me with your wealth series.

Thank you..."

Angela C.


Phil L.

"Thank you very much!...

Looking forward to working with you again!!!..."

Paul B.

Before getting "Total Abundance", you can go here to learn about how to get a free 30-minute coaching call with Coach Ronda. 


Ready To Get Total Abundance...Now?

Total Abundance VIP:

Rapid Weekend - Special Event

3-Day Weekend Online Program

Group Coaching Sessions

Coaching Comprehensive:

Wealth I Health I Relationships I Style

Facilitator: Ronda Phillips, Certified Coach

Founder at Dare to Outdo Yourself!

Duration: 3 Days – Friday, Saturday & Sunday Sessions

240 Minutes (4 Hours) Each Day,

1:00 - 5:00 pm ET 

Next VIP Rapid Weekend Special Event:

Starts: Friday, October 7, 2022

Ends: Sunday, October 9, 2022

Registration Starts Now

Registration Ends:

Friday, September 30, 2022,

12:00 Midnight ET

3-Day Weekend Online Group Coaching TeleSessions Include:

  • Access to Complete Your Empowerment Life & Career (ELC) Profile

  • Access to 240 Minutes (4 Hours) Scheduled Group Call Coaching Session via Video/Phone Each Day During 3-Day Weekend Online Special Event
  • Access to Dial-in Number & Access Code
  • Access to Emailed Weekend Audio Replay of Group Call Coaching Session(s)
  • Access to Email Support for Duration of Paid Active 3-Day Weekend Coaching Sessions
  • Access to 3-Day Weekend Group Coaching Curriculum
  • Access to Total Abundance Workbook
  • Access to Join Private Facebook Group – Abundant Lifestyle A-List
  • Access to Complete Post Coaching Evaluation


Full-Pay Investment:

Per Person

$9,997 USD

One-Time Payment

Covers Entire 3-Day Online Weekend Event

Due at Booking

Value Back Guarantee: If You Implement The Processes, You Will Get Results


Next VIP Rapid Weekend

Friday, October 7, 2022


Sunday, October 9, 2022

1 PM - 5 PM ET Daily

Registration Ends

Friday, September 30, 2022

Hurry VIP!!!

Get Total Abundance