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4 Stages To

Achieving Your Goals

By Ronda Phillips I Dare to Outdo Yourself!

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Do you have certain goals in life that you would like to achieve? Are you ready to achieve those goals right now? 

Or, as you think about it, do you find that you rarely have goals that you set out to achieve? Could it be that you often "wing it" when it comes to setting out to accomplish goals in life?

Or, do you believe that achieving goals is somewhat overrated, so you don't make it a priority to achieve goals? 

What is a goal anyway?

Goal is defined as, the end toward which effort is directed; aim.

As an example, athletes have a game plan. Their job is to always be on top of their game. They workout and eat healthy in order to stay in shape physically and mentally. They watch plays of previous games, They learn new plays, They run new plays in practice. Their game plan is to execute everything they've learned in practice by putting it into action with their team on game day, in order to score higher than their opposing team. Their goal is to win the game.

Likewise, achieving successful goals in life requires having a game plan.

Again, achieving successful goals in life requires having a game plan.

Realistic goals are achievable.

There are short term goals (up to one month), medium term goals (one to six months) and long term goals (more than six months) we can aim to achieve.

If you are at a place in your life where you are ready to achieve certain goals, yet you don't know how or where to begin, then read on...

Brian Tracy is highly regarded for his expertise on time management and goal setting. The following stages to achieving goals [which have been expounded upon in this article] are a compilation of his, "Four Ds."

Here are 4 stages to achieving your goals:


First things first, what is it that you truly want or need that would greatly improve and better your life right now? Oftentimes, if you are not pleased with something or if something is not working good enough on your behalf you may have a desire for something better, different or more. Desire is conceived in your thoughts by imagining what could be experienced or fulfilled. When you learn first hand that others are realizing their dreams and goals -- when you discover that a world of endless possibilities await -- that there is something better than what you have been accustomed to, you begin to believe in the possibilities that what you see for yourself can actually be attained or achieved as well. 

What is an important, meaningful or life-changing goal that you believe you must achieve, that you believe without a doubt will absolutely, positively and greatly benefit your life without bringing harm to yourself or anyone else? Lately, what is it that you have been thinking about constantly? What is it that you envision becoming, doing or seeing come to pass? What is it that you want or need so badly, that it stays on your mind 24/7? What is it that you want so badly that you can almost literally see it, hear it, taste it, feel it, smell it -- as if you already have it or are experiencing it this very moment? What is the purpose for what you want or need? How badly do you actually want or need it? Write down what you are visualizing, and be detailed and specific. Desire is the first stage to achieving your goals.


That which you desire remains stuck in your head and heart with a passion like no other. When you visualize how your life can change for the better by attaining or achieving what you desire, you will begin to feel like a new, different and better person on the inside. You may do some initial research by gathering general information and asking questions to find out what is required in order to go forward with achieving what you desire.  

You must decide if that which you desire is worth what you must do in order to achieve it. Legitimately, will it be for your overall well-being and best interest, without you or anyone else suffering any dire consequences? When you believe that it is possible for you to achieve what you desire -- that it is realistic and doable [not deceptive or manipulative], you may become enthusiastic and overly excited, bubbling up from within. You will have a measure of self-confidence that you can actually achieve what you desire, and that you are going to go for it. That's when you will decide you're going to as Nike says and, "Just Do It". At this point, you will have confirmation -- a peaceful knowing from within that you will go for what you need or want. Decision is the second stage to achieving your goals.


Now that you've made a decision to achieve your goals, you will need to put a game plan in place. It's time for you to brainstorm, think of all the possibilities and options of how you can realize your desires and see them come to pass. Write down your thoughts and ideas. Establish a plan of action that you can implement right away. Share your desires and ideas with those you can trust -- preferably those who are currently doing the same thing or have successfully achieved similar goals [that won't be threatened by your efforts] who can give you sound advice. 

Do extensive research to find out what processes, procedures and all the details in-between, are best suited for you at this time in order to successfully achieve your goals. Take into consideration all the pros and cons of what you have decided to set out to achieve. Gather your resources, funds, tools and skills to put your efforts to work. Seek out qualified team players in their area of expertise that are willing to come on board, [like fitting the right pieces of a puzzle into place] to bring it all together. Give yourself a realistic completion timeline to achieve your goals. Determination is the third stage to achieving your goals.


Now that you have made a decision to be determined to go for what you desire, it's time to execute your plan, get to work and make it happen. This is probably the most difficult part to do in order to achieve your goals. You must hold yourself accountable for what, when and how you choose to do anything at a given time in order to realize your dreams and desires. You must be committed to doing that which is necessary no matter what -- no excuses. 

Just thinking about your goals is not enough. Just talking about your goals won't cut it either. With 24 hours available in each day, how much of that time are you willing to commit to working daily toward achieving your goals? Let's be honest...there may be days when you may feel like your efforts are getting you nowhere. You may have people in your life discouraging you that you thought would be rooting for you. You may have other day-to-day obligations that all of a sudden seem to be taking up more of your time than usual. You may get tired and decide you'll get back to working on your goals tomorrow...and will you?...really? With that being said, the question is, how much of a priority is it for you to actually achieve your goals? 

Is achieving your goals an absolute must-have or must-do for you? Are you really serious about doing this thing? If so, You've got to put forth your own effort. You've got to do the work. You've got to be proactive. You've got to take inspired action. You've got to be devoted to utilizing the time allotted in each day wisely. Block out a certain amount of time during a specified time frame daily, and stick to it. Whether it's 15 minutes or 15 hours you are willing to commit to daily, you must implement doing the actual work to achieve your goals within that allotted time. While others are out having fun, you may need to do just the opposite. Can the internet, TV and socializing wait? Will making excuses for you not achieving your goals be worth it, or not? Discipline is the fourth and final stage to achieving your goals.


Setting out to achieve certain goals can seem difficult when you don't know how, where or when to begin. 

Be reminded of these 4 stages to achieving your goals:

1. Desire

2. Decision

3. Determination

4. Discipline

Adhering to these stages consistently on a daily basis toward achieving your goals will lead you onto a path of having the abundant lifestyle you desire.

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To Your Empowerment!

Known for her creative style, positive influence and straightforward professionalism, Ronda Phillips is a certified life coach,author, speaker, television host, style expert and entrepreneur. Her core mission is to empower and challenge individuals to become propelled to take charge of their life through preparation, performance and persistence. Ronda is the founder of Dare to Outdo Yourself!

Prepare. Perform. Persist.

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